Her Mountain


Love this zine by Holiday Hagan. Email her (holidayohagan@gmail.com) and get your copy.

“I was inspired to create this zine after I traveled solo a couple years ago in Europe and Australia and really wanted to know if there were other people like me who were also doing something similar as well so I gathered beautiful pictures, poetry, stories and essays, from these amazing humans that I have met either on my travels or in SF, and thus Her Mountain was born! For those who identify as non-binary, genderqueer, or are trans* I want to share your solo traveling stories in my next issue because they deserve just as much recognition!! Its not just Her Mountain its Our, Their, and His Mountain too. I'm over the moon about this and I will hope to have many copies soon so let me know if you want one (4 a smol price of $5), I'll ship anywhere!”