Call Your Representative

Holly Meadows-Smith

Created in conjunction with Anti Lab, a temporary resource center for creative resistance efforts located in Oakland, CA. Inside Anti Lab we are all artists, activists, and authors resisting together as an open collective. 

This zine is intended for analog consumption and can be found at Anti Lab for the duration of the project, April 6 - May 13.

Holly has aggregated a number of online scripts, tips, and resources for calling your rep to get your voice heard. This collection includes information from Indivisible Guide, 5Calls, the 65, and Resist Bot. The digital overload of resources following the 2017 election has been excellent for those who can keep up and just as useful for those who can't. By taking these tools "offline," however, Holly hopes to further motivate people to actually use them by putting something physical in their hands that they can't ignore.  

The resources included in the guide are focused toward the Bay Area.