Our first book of 2019 is nearly completed. MY SKIN IS BLACK UPON ME, MY BONES THEY BURN WITH HEAT, by Christian Johnson, is an “ontological odyssey” compiled over several years. MY SKIN IS BLACK is a photo book containing commentary, essays and interviews from Christian’s friends and life. Christian is a Bay Area native cinephile and director, who sees life through a very specific lens – this book lets you get a glimpse into his psyche and heart. Spanning over 250 pages, this book is our biggest yet, and we are so looking forward to sharing it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 2.03.30 PM.png

Stay tuned for its pre-release and release show, likely in early January 2019.

Kitty Marm/Grumpy Bun


We just finished riso-ing this really cute comic! Our first ever time using orchid! This comic is not one but two in one! The first half is called Kitty Marmalade and is about a 20-something year old living at home trying to make it big (on Instragram). The second half is Grumpy Bun, about a barista at “Moonbucks” and all the sh*t he has to put up with day to day. We loved working on this and are so excited for everyone to see it. Check out the artists here: instagram.com/asterickpress


New and Old

We’ve been buuuusy.

  1. We learned how to sew (machine) and finished our cyanotype zine (with Coco Spencer).


2. We made lots of new pins (and stickers!!), one of which is THIS.
They should all now be in the trusty webstore.


3. We did even MORE sewing, this time by hand, for the newest run of an oldie but goodie, hornet’s nest.


3. New little zine out, just for fun. We’re playing with different riso inks on different paper colors and learning lots. This one will only be available in person and as part of soon-coming grab bags!


4. Three down only one more to go! We just added CROP CIRCLES to the pack


5. Last but not least: you may recall that we started a weekly project that will go on until 2019. We are about to put out our THIRD poster! Yay! Thank you to Ryanaustin who has been extremely helpful and amazing in the process.



Wow! What a day. We had so much fun at Good Omen Market VI. We ate lots of Hella Vegan, we listened to lots of Late Feelings, we met Heavy Letters (our really cool table buddies), we played with a dog named Bucket, and we talked to lots of new friends about new projects and plans.
Thank you so much to Classic Cars and the great people of Good Omen for having us and putting together SUCH an incredible group of makers of ALL kinds. If you didn’t make it do NOT miss the next one!!

Oh! Thank you also to Undertone Collective, Floss Editions, Rad Breath, Luz Y Luna, Baby Girl Botanicals, and all the other vendors we got amazing things from!