If you live in the East Bay you know ISSUES Magazines.
They have been off of Piedmont Ave. for 11 years and have been the go-to hub for magazines (popular and rare), used books, and print enthusiasts for over a decade. With changing times come changing business, but it is important, if not vital, to keep stores/families like this alive. Issues was happy to sell a large selection of our zines and has such an awesome, thorough selection of indie publishers and makers (crafts, jewelry, cards). If you have the means we highly suggest you check out their Indiegogo. Donations go directly to their move/survival and are rewarded with dozens of cool offers, including but not limited to movie tickets, signed books, original art, ISSUES swag and more.

Please do whatever you can to KEEP ISSUES IN OAKLAND

Thank you <3


An Introduction to Palmistry by irrelevant press

hey there, mollie here. i am working on a series of mini 8-page folding zines that will be released initially one by one then eventually as a set. the package will be called "superstitious" and will have 4-5 zines on "fringe" topics of my choosing! all are of course very rudimentary, but hopefully you can learn a bit about something ~outlandish~ and cool.

the first of the set is out now, PALMISTRY; An Introduction. the backside foldout poster is a compilation of hands photos sent to me by friends and strangers over instagram dm.

riso printed in brown and black on 70lb sunflower environment fiber text, folds to ~3x4.25.

check it out. $3 each and eventually $10 sets.


mollie / ip




As long-time fan's of Night Diver Press, we are honored to be working with them on this beautiful book they made.

They will be screen printing a colorful gradient cover, and will soon be featured in their webstore and various zine fests and book fairs around the East Bay.

Go find one, they are really amazing.

7.5x9.75 on uncoated 80lb paper, film-photographed art and artist portraits in their work spaces.

Edition of 100.


Did we mention we're making a Daily?

This is a collaborative effort with Coco Spencer and Akande X to create (or work on creating) a magazine that contains content contributed via an email correspondence every single day. A collage in every sense of the meaning, that reflects group communication and singular existence in the digital age. PURE ART. We are wrapping up Volume 4 and are part way through Volume 5! These will be available in PDF form as frequently as they are executed. Get a glimpse into Coco's creative process, Akande's creative world, and Mollie's ability to meld it all together in vibrant 11x17 spreads of chaotic long distant communication excerpts long and short.

Find below:

Hey Ya'll

We've been busy! Almost too busy... But we're excited. We got news this week we'll be tabling at Brooklyn Arts Bookfair! We are moving into our NEW STUDIO SPACE! We are working on several zines, and have even more coming down the pipeline. Life is good :)

Here is a risograph zine that's in the collating stages


aand the hardcopy Bi Lighting zines that are now at Wolfman Books (for $5 suggested donation)!

More soon!! Thanks for stopping by~




we've been printing lots for digital regress fam. check out all their new tunes here

San Jose


Wow we had such a blast. Oakland division + intern turned fellow all made our way to cutie San Jose yesterday. We couldn't have imagine all of the awesome work and cool people that we encountered!! We're so grateful for this accepting and creative community. Thanks, SJ. See you soon we hope.





no no no noonoonon

Our dear Hannah's book is nearly completely and we love it so..


We've been working on this baby for quite some time, really wanting it to be perfectly what it should be. This is the first edition of 30. Cover on Eclipse Black, and final size of 6x4.25 (perfect bound), an excellent coffee table book of contemplation, resistance and hope. "NO" postcards will accompany! Stay tuned on how to purchase, the first edition will go quick