Selected Non-Tweets

Holly Meadows-Smith & Mollie Underwood


Us at Irrelevant Press would like to acknowledge our local (and distant) inspirations and low-key heroes, some of whom this very zine pays homage to.

Cher, thank you for your unwavering internet presence, it keeps us going. Tao Lin, Mira Gonzalez, Sarah Jean Alexander, Spencer Madsen, Jesse Prado, and Alexandra Naughton thank you for your writings and for being our personal motivators. Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevigne, and Jessica Chastain, thanks for being you, too.

Shouts out to E.M. Wolfman Home Repair, our co-workers, friends, and to Tess Ely for never quite grasping the concept of a zine.

- iP

Inspired by and in homage to Selected Tweets by Alt Lit legends, Mira Gonzalez and Tao Lin.