New and Old

We’ve been buuuusy.

  1. We learned how to sew (machine) and finished our cyanotype zine (with Coco Spencer).


2. We made lots of new pins (and stickers!!), one of which is THIS.
They should all now be in the trusty webstore.


3. We did even MORE sewing, this time by hand, for the newest run of an oldie but goodie, hornet’s nest.


3. New little zine out, just for fun. We’re playing with different riso inks on different paper colors and learning lots. This one will only be available in person and as part of soon-coming grab bags!


4. Three down only one more to go! We just added CROP CIRCLES to the pack


5. Last but not least: you may recall that we started a weekly project that will go on until 2019. We are about to put out our THIRD poster! Yay! Thank you to Ryanaustin who has been extremely helpful and amazing in the process.