Oatfeels: The Tender Issue

We're very excited to be printing for our favorite Oakland lit mag, Oatmeal Magazine! Their latest features risographed blue ink / brown stock covers with pretty pink guts — 60 pages worth!

"Oatfeels: The Tender Issue" is the last from this wonderful crew but we look forward to reading and supporting all their continued individual work. Join them and us at their release party on May 20th at E.M. Wolfman.

"Oatmeal is the kind of friend who makes you tea and brings you chocolate and texts you, “you are my heart!” when you’re feeling sad, and Oatmeal is all about building self-confidence in artists and validating your feelings and making space for you to heal and thrive and share your heart and make friends. And it’s about having fun and nourishing the world with some wonderful writers’ words."