hi friends!
our very own sarah burke and holly meadows-smith are doing something really great, and we wanted to tell you a little about it. for six weeks (april 6th through may 17th) they will be hosting an open resource center on telegraph ave! printers, workshops, actions, replicable art, free takeaways, books, zines, screen printing, wheat-pasting, button making, sewing, stamping, magic healing remedy making, self care, self help, community space for resistance! we are very excited. please come by gallery 2301 in oakland to join in on the fun and creating. until then, stop by to join the amazing group of humans wanting to make a difference. this will be a safe space for ALL, and we mean all. if you'd like to contribute in any way please contact sarah or holly via the website (or text or snap or gchat and facetime etc. etc). did we mention free coffee???? can't wait to see you there! open tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays for a whole month! the calendar will be up soon, so stay tuned for many rad events and people!!! thanks, talk soon :) <3 ✊✊✊