new year new zine

i know it's really hard but lets take a slight departure from this god awful world that we live in and FEEL SOMETHING GOOD. or feel bad in a good way, i suppose is more accurate. 

lets go back... to ****~~~~❤1996❤~~~~****

mollie is putting out a kick-ass zine about a little band she loves called matchbox 20. a lil homage to their debut album, yourself or someone like you, is filled with pictures, and lyrics, and feelings, and everything she cares for. a lot of rob thomas, mostly. this zine is 6x6" glossy greatness filled with not just raw emotions but A CD TOO. yourself or someone like you will be free with the order of this little gem. play it in your car, or try to put it in your macbook and remember that apple doesn't include cd drives anymore, whatever you're into.